Friday, December 12, 2014

Ishwar Allah Aur Khana!

The soul of the poor have always been up for sale. Give me food and I will allow you to call me by any name. Show me a future far away from the sloth and drudgery of my living; then point me to whatever God is dear to you...he will then on be my God.

I can feed on a Bible full of pulses, I can grow old in a madrassa as long my children finds shelter and I can dance to Krishna as long as you don't get my little daughter raped by the landed goons.

Hey Ram!


  1. Shaken faith?
    The ishwar and allah are probably enjoying the scene from up there. When they have the power to fix it all, I could not comprehend why and what do they have to wait for? Or is He non-existent or as helpless as us all?

  2. This is the thing that we call alleviating. Can't show signs of improvement than that.
    Ramadan Mongolia