Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Don't Bargain Because You Do!

If you take the left lane into Saidapet Market, chances are that you will come across Murugan, a second hand book-seller sitting on the left of the road under the little shade of a tamarind tree.Today picked up six books from Murugan, and was happy with the bargain. I knew that he had made money off our deal, and that made me happy.

Yesterday evening I had no money to buy food, today will be a better day.. he said. Murugan has been selling second hand books for 12 years now. In company of books, he has also learnt some English and dreams of opening a book store of his own some day. His wife earns INR 2500/- he earns around INR 4500/- and this is barely enough to keep the fires burning. His two kids are in 6th and 8th and he intends to fund their schooling as long as they are game to study. Murugan discontinued his studies in 12th grade due to his father's "incom(e)ing" problems. He wants the kids lives to be different.

We made a good deal and it left Murugan happy. I seldom bargain hard with the Murugan's of the world, I bargain just enough to keep the smile on Murugan's face. The piddly little I would have saved fighting over the price means lot more to him than me. 

May the motherland tend to the aspirations of Murugan and his kids. 

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  1. you see people bargaining with people like murugan but seldom bargain with the multinationals .

    If balckwells or waterstones publish a book and ask a price of 700-1000inr no one bats an eyelid or questions it .But if a poor guy sells the same thing for even 100 INR ,they will bargain and if they have bought the price down , they feel like they've conquered something.

    I wish there were more people like you !