Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Kranthi Zindabad!

We are a nation now awakening from slumber. All it required was an old man and a small team to awaken the Indian soul that has been asleep for over 60 years now. We do not doubt that we are incapable of greatness, it is just that we had stopped believing that this could be achieved in our lifetime. At the cross roads are three generations of Indians, the ones who remember Gandhi and the Indian struggle for freedom more closely than the ones who have read it in the books. These two I call the lost generation. A generation which had dreams of an India that could BE but had stopped believing that this could ever BE. The third set of Indians are those whose baby dreams are yet to take wings. 
Increasingly, we the members of the lost generation are fighting for the baby dreams of our young Indians. One man has fueled our dreams, made us believe once again. Today, millions have hit the road once tread by the MAHATMA, millions now look up to another khadi clad old man with a child-like smile. Millions believe. 

Thank you Anna, we are with you. Thank you Justice Hegde, Kiran Bedi and Aravind Kejriwal, we are with you as well. And thank you Arnab Goswami, though you are incorrigible and insufferable, you are the cement that concretes!

When the ancients in us awake, we are no longer defined by religion, class or prosperity. We are all children of the same Motherland. For those who cannot be with Anna, you can still forward this writing and fire up those fence sitters. If Gods are up there, and are listening... we need all the help NOW!.

May our children grow up to inherit the India they deserve. August Kranti Zindabad! Vande Mataram!

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