Sunday, August 28, 2011

It Happens Only In India!

Varun Gandhi
There are a few occasions in a nations collective memory when each one of us feel proud to have lived at that particular point of time in history. Today is one such day. I have not walked with Bapu, I have not lived through the emergency. If Anna Hazare had not happened, I would have died without a story to tell. And what a story it is!

Sushma Swaraj
While my countrymen rejoice today at finally getting our elected leaders to talk in a language we love to hear, there are several beautiful contradictions that have come to the fore. Contradictions that are only possible in India. The government that arrested Anna Hazare also ensured that he was comfortable in Tihar Jail. The same government also ensured that 100000 people could be safe, have food, access to laterines and water and some 8000 policemen too protect them when for 13 days the citizens sat in protest against the very same government! The police men who arrested Anna were the plainclothesmen who joined the protesters once their work shifts were over. What is more... they brought their children too.

Pranab Mukherjee
The media, especially Times Now fanned the Indian diaspora across the world with patriotic fervor never seen or heard before, It was almost as if we were being attacked by China! The very same media is nudged and fiercely protected by the very same constitution which we are all fighting! While our MPs ask Arnab Goswami to take a break from his lectures... they also love to be on his show!

The Incorrigible Arnab Goswami
I live in a country where we love to fight and love to see a good fight. We call this debate!. We hated our politicians when they repeatedly spoke about the supremacy of the Parliament and had nothing more to say, but when the same set of politicians started singing the Anna Song against corruption in one voice, we loved them. We love Sushma Swaraj when she calls Pranab Mukherjee "Pranab Da" and we love Varun Gandhi who among the new gen MPs spoke from the heart in a voice we could hear. And the nation in one voice salutes Pranab Mukherjee, the last of the stalwarts from a league of extraordinary statesmen. Together they made us fall in love with our constitution all over again. Long live democracy... lets fight some more :)

Vande Matharam! Hail the National Tricolor. Vande Matharam!

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