Friday, August 19, 2011

Raja Nanga Hai!

Ladies and Gentleman, Raja Nanga hai, so are his courtiers, his benefactors and the cronies who call themselves members of the "Opposition." 

While the nation simmers in discontent and revolution is in the air, any of these 543 Members of Lok sabha can table the India Version (Yes, its not Anna Hazare version anymore)  of the Jan Lokpal Bill as a Private Member Bill.

Forget the old and the rusted who cant see beyond a couple years anyway, let's focus on the young blue bloods we have sent to the parliament. There are 75 strong brood of MPs in the Parliament. This includes the scions of Scindia's, Gandhi's, Pawars, Singh's, Maran's and what not. As Indians look up to Anna Hazare and look down upon these youngsters, not one of these white collared, butter chicken looking Leaders of Tomorrow have made as much sound as a fart! I read somewhere that Varun Gandhi will table the India Version of Jan Lokpal Bill today. I hope he does. Atleast, there will be one leader of tomorrow who begins leading today!

The more I think about this, the more depressed I become. Look at what we have done! Who the hell voted these guys in?

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