Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Hanuman Network

It was an interesting conversation I had with Alok of Sutra Consulting. We were talking about Arvind Kejriwal taking on the Sonia kingdom. Were were musing over the Congress' knee jerk reactions to the various skeletons tumbling out of the the cupboards, DLF, Vadra and Corporation Bank. I was defending Arvind's actions and Alok was ruing the point of it all. What will change? He asked. Kalamadi is out and so are all the 2G arrestees, and these days, everything is available in jails and hence, going to jail has become like going to a Health Resort!

My perspective was different. With Anna, Arvind was making a lot of noise but there was little impact. Now it is different. He is hurting where it hurts. Agreed that he might not change anything,  but he can sure make the modern day Rakshasas very unhappy, and that is just good enough to start with.

But no revolution will come of it, said Alok. It will be so much more effective if someone just shoots a few of these politicians and leave a note saying... I am a frustrated Indian, I have had enough! This will happen I said. If the justice delivery system does not come out of its somnambulism, a new breed of terrorism will take birth. India is the right place for such revolutionary ideas. We have the communists, the aghoris, the naxals, the senas, the sangh, the various movements and the various groups already thriving. All of them are strung to an idea and work towards the fulfillment of that idea.

It won't be long before The Aam Aadmi Anti Corruption movement also gathers speed. All it requires is a leader who can talk in multiple languages and a team of activists. In the absence of a leader, affirmative action groups might form, killing the judges and the politicians and the policemen. All those Babu practices that does not work for Indians, all those departments that sit on their tight asses waiting for the right time to start working, all those who make the poor of this country wait in queue for their measly ration, every one will be killed. There will be anarchy, it will be like Punjab at the peak of militancy. The rich will die because they are rich. The poor will die because they are poor and hence a threat; and the lazy middle class will finally forget about their EMIs and come out of its slumber.

Better to start with Arvind. The alternate is no better.

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