Thursday, December 20, 2012

Be careful of what you wish for

Four years ago, it took me 15 minutes to reach the airport, 20 minutes to check in, 10 rupees for tea and 25 for sandwich. And them some politician decided and the bureaucrats agreed...the airport would have to move to the city outskirts. They said it was for better facilities to passengers. And ofcourse, there was a willing capitalist ready to uplift the cause of suffering passengers.
The new airport was a beautiful one, thousands of lights and steel cantilevers. It looked amazing. Four years and now there is very little joy. They sell specially bottled water at twice the cost for half the quantity. It takes me the cost of half an airline ticket to reach and return from the airport and it takes me three hours for a round trip. There are cleaner bathrooms, but, had i known the cost of cleaner bathrooms, I would have fought tooth and nail to keep the old one running. It does not matter which city I belong to, the story runs the same all Indian cities. Wherever the new age developments have taken place, consumer interests have receded to the back stage. Profiteering by private agencies, monopolistic inroads by FMCG companies, and lax controls and monitoring by government agencies, and rampant profiteering by all and sundry are making lives of everyday Indian miserable.
Be careful if what you wish for, every cure comes with its on side effects.

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