Thursday, December 27, 2012

Return of the great ones

January 12th is Swami Vivekananda's 150th birthday. In the last 150 years, no great ones have inspired us into tangible action. Even the interest on discourses of Swamiji's teachings have been on a steady decline. The English education is killing us slowly like cancer, disconnecting us from our roots, making us Lotos Eaters.

As the nation waits at crossroads, with its young seeking direction and the old awaiting deliverance, we are today in need of a leader like never before. A leader who makes us believe that not all is lost, makes us believe that the holy land we tread on is not irretrievably lost. How I wish everyday that someday I switch on the TV and hear a voice that I would love to hear for the rest of my life, a voice that tells me to march on like a soldier on this karmabhoomi and he/she will bring back the rule of law back to this land. A leader who helps us rediscover our gaurav, our lost pride of being the sons and Bharatvarsh. Swami ji had a very simple message, serve your nation for it is equivalent to serving God. Serve the cause of mankind for it is the same as serving God. Manava seva equals Madhava seva. Imagine a leader who lived these very thoughts in deed !

I have not given up hope. Nor have I for a moment stopped believing implicitly in the words from njanapaana: "A thousand deaths and rebirth it takes as trees and reptiles and other species of life forms before you get to be born as a human in Bharatham." But my lord, the wait is long.

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