Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hold On

It is freezing cold in north India. Water in taps have frozen, so have the blood in the veins of about 200 of my countrymen. Unable to survive this cold neglect, each day another 10 or 15 die.

Two of our Jawans were butchered by our neighbor and then beheaded. Their hearts gorged out, their bodies mutilated. The heads of one was retrieved, the other was sent home without his head.

This much and no more says our nations rulers to the weather God. Just two and no more says our foreign minister to our neighbor. If the weather turns any colder, we will burn nuke fires to keep the homeless and elderly of our country alive, if you kill one more soldier of our great nation, we will stop playing cricket matches with you and not give your politicians the grand media coverage we gave to your Rahman Mallik.

Ahhhhh destiny. One can neither rebel nor cry. Just die.

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