Saturday, January 12, 2013

Home they brought the warrior dead.

Hemaraj was in all probability a first generation educated kid from a poor farming household. when he first got a job with the Indian military, his villagers would have celebrated through out the night.

Last week they brought home the young warrior dead, in a coffin, minus his head. The men in green told his mother that the headless body belongs to her son and she need to cremate the headless half. No politician was there, no celebrities, no one who would give the family a sense of recognition and love on this terrible loss.

Once the party had moved on, the mother as with mothers across the world, cried last and the loudest. That cry now reverberates across India as a lament of unbelievable pathos! Bring me back my child's head, my son who you say died at the hands of our neighbors. What would they do with his head? Of what use this poor village kid is to the big guns? Bring me back my sons head!

No we do not want your land, no we don't want your riches. May your tribe live with peace within. Just return our countryman's head.

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