Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Indian Spring in Waiting

Thousands of years ago, there were a set of princely states, collectively called Bharatwarsha... the land of Bharatha. It included parts of Iraq, most of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and extended down south to Kerala. Predominantly, there were followers of the Book of Vedas. I am told that to this land was born many Gods of yore. I am told that to be born in this land was the ultimate bliss. To tread the soil of Bharathwarsh was considered to be a sure ticket to nirvana.

All this I learnt from my Grandma, when I was 5 year old. And then they sent me to school where they taught me that Bharatwarsh never existed, it all actually began after the East India Company took charge of these princely states. They taught me that India was a set of princely states, always at war with each other, until Sirdar Vallabhai Patel consolidated them into a Republic. They taught me that our nation had a Father who should capture bigger mind share in marketing parlance, than, lets say, Sri Ram or Sri Krishna, or Jesus Christ or Gautham Buddha. Slowly, my little mind forgot that I belonged to a land innately capable of greatness in face of adversity. I forgot that in this land of Karna, also lived and walked Veer Rana Sangha. I forgot that Goddess Durga, as Shakthi, is more powerful in my nation than all the acid throwing, gang raping, murdering, feudalistic, insensitive, insecure, badly brought up hooligans we call men.

I am nearing 40 and my Grandma is no more with me. Yesterday night I had a dream in which my Grandma came to me. With a hand on my balding head, she whispered a word into my ears. I share that word with all of you. Believe.

Believe that from the ashes of corruption and moral deprivation, a generation of courage and moral fibre will rise again. A generation that will imprison its current keepers of conscience into dungeons of oblivion. From the ashes of my generation, will rise the Phoenix of the next generation. As powerful as Duryodhana in battle, as strong as Karna in Principles, as determined as Arjuna in insight, and as rigid and far sighted as Yuddhishtar in upholding rule of law. The ancient lands where our Gods ones tread are already in boil, soon, that wave will sweep us as well.

We await an Indian spring. I believe... for my Grandma never lied.


  1. I BELIEVE.......
    Well, we all ought to believe and that unity in belief is what would strengthen our ability to walk in the right direction. We once again need leaders like Sardar V Patel who can show us the path to righteousness and the will to walk the talk and bring about the growth and improve the four main sectors, namely Agriculture, Education, Health & Infrastructure, thereby paving a way for the industry to bloom and thereby enhance the GDP of the nation with a steady and progressive growth which would truly improve the happiness index of the nation. Why can’t we clearly see the kind of retardation the nation has been through in the past 9 or 10 years?

    1. I agree. Spread the word. May the young ones lead the change.