Sunday, August 4, 2013

Five thousand crazy Indians, and a tricolor catching the wind!

Democracy is a fragile concept. If five thousand young Indians march to the parliament advocating change, unarmed, the nation will hit a short pause. Neither can they be butchered in a la Tianmen Square style nor arrested and bound into trucks. The problem you see is that in democracy, people power is actually quite powerful. Having said that, there are so damn few occasions when five thousands fellow Indians come together!

Nothing stops the honorable courts of India to order the immediate arrest of any hate mongering politician, unless, of course, it is Raj Thackeray, or order the arrest of a chief minister or the home minister for criminal contempt of court... But of course, Akhilesh Yadav cannot be arrested. An IAS officer has been suspended for taking steps detrimental to communal harmony. The IAS officer has gone on record stating that she was simply enforcing an already existing supreme court direction. The IAS association Charlies are making some muted noses akin to a fart. A small draft of wind will blow away these protests. Once you have sold your soul to satan, you cannot kneel before the lord.

All it needs is five thousand crazy Indians to begin a revolution. The courts of this country cannot take on our politicians. Our Justices are human beings, they have children and grand children living ordinary lives. Such risks as taking up a large broom and clearing most of the mess is simply beyond them. Our president is a man from the "system", nothing is expected from that big house. Our defense personnel fight their own internal wars, turf wars, caste wars, succession wars, commission wars, leak wars, honey trap wars, helicopter wars, wife swapping wars, tatra wars and the big ones yet to come, the typhoon wars and the retrofitting wars.

This country is exactly where our politicians wanted it to be. All institutions of governance have failed, the right to life of Indians is brutally assaulted from all fronts on all days, and the mighty ones living in big bungalows are silent. We kill our own children with pesticides, loot or own treasury with arson, allow the poor to die and them talk of Food Security. 4.1 billion dollars have gone out of our markets, our Rupayya will soon get a new denomination, the 1 Lac rupee note! Hey Bhagwan, how can there be such insanity?

Five thousand crazy Indians and one tricolor that catches the wind. And you will have a revolution.

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