Friday, August 23, 2013

The Stupid Lady on a Nano

I recently read the Nanologues. A book by an amazingly enterprising phirang who traveled the length of this country on a Nano. It is an interesting read. She carefully dodges the acute unpleasantness that white women face in our country and leaves us readers with an amazing sense of relief. She was neither raped nor robbed, no one slashed her with a blade and she did not face an acid attack. She might have been disrobed by lecherous eyes, but she chose not to speak about it. She did her 10K ride, met Ratan Tata and wrote a book.
For me it was an amazing experience reading the short notes on her travel. Her initiative speaks so much of her courage and her ability to take risks that it is frankly beyond normal. She is insane. Probably the Lord Ganesha that she installed on her Nano dashboard saved her from the utter gutter that we have turned India into. The December 16th rape case is still in court. Justice for two hours of absolute misdeed takes over a year to deliver. Where is redemption? What will ever change, and how, and more importantly, who? Who will lead the change? Maybe it will start with one Indian soldier deciding that our enemies are no longer on our borders.

There is a ulta ginthi that has begun somewhere. Once this countdown is over, it will not be a Mahatma Gandhi who walks down the aisle of redemption. We are the sons and daughters of Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh as well. There is no telling how the future will unfold.

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  1. I have read this; impressed !! Many more to go - given a pause - scarcity of time - yet, shall back with full-fledged opinion.