Saturday, September 28, 2013

Smelly Currency Notes

I love crisp brand new currency notes but I love the used ones more. My favorite are the small denominations that smell awfully bad. Every now and then I come across one that smells of fish and I hold it close to my nose to breathe-in the smell. And then, I hold it close to my heart in prayer before safely tucking it away into my wallet.

Smelly notes have a beautiful story to tell. Its the tale of some poor fisherman's family having earned enough to to have held this note for long enough before they exchanged it for some goods or service. A daily wage earner may have held this note in his sweaty grimy hands as wages against his hard days' labor. A waiter in a roadside coffee shop would have earned it as a tip or maybe, somebody would have paid that unkept beggar this money in charity.

May there be more currency notes that smell of fish. May the wheels of world economy spin at a rate that helps all of us win and especially the poor survive.

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