Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Diwali Buy Diyas

Badri Kumhaar has struck a good deal with Tunna Pehalwaan. Badri will get six tractor loads of soil at 3000 rupees. In turn Badri plans to make three thousand diyas and hope that you and me will buy it this Diwali.

Buy handmade goods from small craftsmen and traders. The Walmarts of this world will survive, but for Badri's of this world it might mean one more season of food. Each Diya you buy from roadside actually adds to the joy of a poor household. Imagine a time when there will be no potters, just because you never bought diyas.

The money in your pocket is an amazing instrument of Social change. Spend it wisely.

Buy diyas this Diwali. Spread the joy.


  1. wow!!! Now that is what I call social responsibility......... ISR, Individual Social Responsibility!!! :-)