Monday, December 9, 2013

Giant Killer

When Goliath first saw David, he felt insulted. Am I a dog that you come to me with sticks?, he asked. What came next is the stuff of legends. David brought down Goliath with one slingshot. The history of the world changed forever.

Yesterday, Arvind Kejriwal, that puny nothing to write about kind of babu turned politician brought down Sheila Dixit in her own home turf. When this giant fell, the crown Prince and the real Prime Minister of India were shaken in their moorings. All their hopes had come unhinged. India, their India, India comprising of the naked and the destitute who had served the first family for the last sixty years...could not treat them like this!

I had, along with millions of my countrymen, lost hope of a revolution. And then suddenly this. AAP, that 11 month old party of rank novices routed the Indian National Congress in its home turf.

Arvind, you are a dream come true. March on. Let's have a revolution that could help the next generation come out of perpetual poverty and debt. Dream big, for you have a billion smaller dreams to take care of.

Ringside Indian salutes the founder of AAP and the crusader of the masses... Arvind Kejriwal.

Anna, you let us down!

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  1. I suggest you also help him in your own little means which would turn out to be the biggest over the times to come. You have the ability and the are really strong enough. :-)