Friday, February 16, 2018

For a few good men

Yesterday, the nation was numbed with a 13000 crores scam involving one of its largest government owned banks. The bank claimed that 2 lowly staff working on their own, over 4 or 5 years, helped out one big business family to siphon of money equivalent to a eighth of the mammoth banks net worth.

It was only last week that our beloved Prime Minister rolled out what would eventually become the world's largest health-care insurance programme for the poor. The annual allocation for this programme, hold your breath, is just about one tenth of the swindled amount!!

For generating 13000 crores in cash, one hundred crore Indians would have to work for two days. Two lowly accountants in a mammoth bank have given that away to two big diamond traders!!

I don't know what hurts more, the anger with the system that either did not identify or colluded for over many years to keep this shady dealings going or the fact that it seems so easy to vanish with the hard earned money of millions in this country! I don't know. Though I  have no answers to this one, I keep asking myself why we have such a huge dearth of a few good men. I know that this is the age of Kali. I am aware that mother nature stands on the last of her four legs. I also know that every waking day, that one last standing leg is being hit upon by rods of adharma and irreligion, but O Vasudev, this is so painful a time to live in. The soul is in perpetual mourning at what is being done to your favorite bharatvarsh.

I remember what was told to Parikshit Maharaj... That howsoever powerful the time of Kali is, it is perpetually powerless against every human being with a strong moral fibre. Each individual matters. Each one of us are individually more powerful than the entire might of the demoniac army of looters and cheaters. Each one of us is a bramhan, each of us a plenary portion of the Supreme.

Let's together rediscover the goodness enshrined in us again and work together to make this a truly great country. Aham Brahmasmi.

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